Is the rainbow always worth the wait? Often through the harder times one song stuck with me for several reasons.

“If you wanna see the rainbow, you gotta sit through a little rain.”

However, I never looked at the song as anything more than literal growing up. I love the rain, and would sit through it any day, promise of a rainbow or not. However, it was only upon reaching an age of superior maturity did I realize what this rain could do. However, is it worth all of the rain? There are several reasons I would answer against this.

Firstly, there are times when it will rain, it will pour, it will storm, and the heavens will cry… but there won’t be a rainbow following through alongside the clear skies. Heck, sometimes it will stay cloudy for days on end once the rain has come to an end. So why sit through the rain at all? This is because there are no other options, unless you can afford the next ticket out.

Secondly, the false promise of a rainbow is ill befitting. There are times when you do not have hope. You have fallen so far that you can no longer afford to build up hopes that may come crashing down upon you, as you have not the strength to once again rise to your feet. This is the stage I am currently at. I have no room for optimism due to the fact that there comes a time when you have been let down so often you no longer want to create the opportunity to be lifted once more.

My last and final argument of substance is that if I wanted to see a rainbow I would just create my own. Grade school science teaches you how to do so with a prism and a little light. Whilst it’s arguable that perhaps this rainbow won’t be as beautiful as the one nature creates, sometimes you have to make do with what you have rather than wait on chance to provide for you.

A lot of people get to the solutions of a problems without telling you how it is that you reach this outcome (I will attack this in a later post), however, why don’t I tell you? First, get some paper and some glue tack. Then, get yourself a prism – you can find affordable ones online. Maybe you even have one lying around the house, crystals are quite beautiful pieces to have as decorations. And then follow the link here.

Heck, here’s a kids one that only need a glass of water, some paper, and some sun.

You’ve created your own rainbow; you’re worth something as beautiful as the rain, the sun, and science.


3 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. in fact I have a crystal pendent hanging in my south-facing living room window. When the sun shines I have about a dozen little rainbows drifting around the room. If you stand where the light hits your eye, you’ll see flashes of the deepest, purest colors you ever did see!

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