People-watching: Do you like it?

I know I do. But why? I really should write that post on strangers, I feel it’ll be quite strongly linked to this one as well. 

For starts, where would I watch people, I hear myself asking… myself?

Well, self. There are a few places quite good for that, such as public transportation, food courts, malls, cafés, stores in general, from park benches, and many, many other places.

Now I know this may sound extremely creepy, but… Well. It’s fun, isn’t it? There could be several enjoyable aspects to people-watching. A really good one is creating a backstory, I find.

Picture this: You see an old man with a cane, limping. In his hand he holds a lingerie stores’ bag. You could have so much fun with why it is that he came to be carrying such a bizarrely unfitting item.

Now for the more innocent (or less perverted) of you, there are still plenty other circumstances that could befall you, entertaining as ever.

However, there is more to people-watching than just ‘backstorying’. I myself am an aspiring artist of sorts, and I truly enjoy a good facial structure. Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous? Well, now you have. Or rather, you’ve read it. So when I define someone as attractive, on a non-interactive level where I do not know them personally, it is because I would really like to approach them and sit them down in my studio. No matter how outgoing I can be, I still can’t bring myself to do this. So I just watch their expressions, draw them out with my eyes, and run home to have a little scribble. I then place the scribble on a page in my scrapbook and kiss it. No, seriously. Okay, maybe that was a joke… 

Another really good reason to people-watch is to simply kill time. It’s fun, there’s no denying it. The best part is (YES, it does get better than this!), it takes no effort whatsoever, and you don’t need to interact with anyone (except maybe the bus driver or the waiter/cashier).

So, do you like people-watching? I know I do.


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