That One Person

You know when you have one person that just knows how to wind you up? I have one, too. And my goodness, I can only just manage to restrain myself whilst in their company.
So, why is this? To be honest, the person by nature is very loved. However, this person is extremely two faced. I honestly dislike it. She can be one of the nastiest people where all she does is criticise and insult you. She then furthers this by storming off at the ripe age of twenty-one, stomping her feet on the way out, eyes flooded with tears.
Yet, seconds later when she wants to borrow something, wants a favour, or anything of that sort, she’s all smiles and her voice is laced with honey.
Surely this is reason alone for me to get a little agitated from time to time, yes?
But sadly, there is more. She can also be very clingy. It used to be to the extent where she would not hang up until I reciprocated her love with words, however that is not in my nature. But since earlier last month, when I gave her a sensitive bit of advice, she began to trust my opinion so strongly she does nothing but ask for help. From which colour and style of dress she should wear to the coming Christmas party all the way to what underwear she should wear on her date. So what’s wrong with this? If you could possibly ask me this at this stage, I can do nothing but stare at you blankly. I believe that I have enough grounds to have a sense of dislike at the very least.
There are a lot of other things that are a put off when it comes to her, however that is all I shall leave it at for now.
Blood is thicker than water, they say. I guess I must put up with her, I mean… She is my sister after all!


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