Strangers… Or not?

On New Year’s Eve I was walking down to a coffee shop I frequent when I want to work. Or just get out of the house. I’m actually here now. However, I digress. Point is, that as I was walking down here, I met a stranger. It was pouring. I offered them shelter under my umbrella. You would think that, after we parted ways at the stoplight, this would be last time I saw them.


And this is my point. People often don’t realise how small the world really is. So when you’re kind to someone, and you meet them again. You’ll be greeted with a smile.

But what if you aren’t kind, then what? There are several stories that go along these lines, but it’s never really said clearly enough, is it? Or do people just ignore all the life lessons others’ experiences are teaching them.

Where I reside, a lot of young people sit down on metro seats reserved for the elderly or the disabled. They refuse to move, even when someone who desperately needs a seat comes along.

This post is short, but I’m keeping it to the point. Respect everyone, until you have reason not to. Someday, that smile could really shine through the shitty storm you’re getting soaked in.


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