A short post with a lot of questions, but give it a think –

Would you ever just give up?

Or are you the type to keep pressing on with life no matter what gets in the way?
And why is that? Have you perhaps never faced a hardship that made you feel this way?
Or have you perhaps already encountered one – or several – that has somehow changed life so that you don’t really want to give up?

Do you even give it a thought? And feel like giving up?


See, over the past few weeks, circumstances have led me to crawl into my bed and just stay there. Maybe I’ll leave the bed, just for a walk in the late evening. Yet I cannot bring myself to find a reason why I should leave the loving warmth of my bed.

As a mix of being ill and depressed, all I really want to do right now is hop in a cab, run to my bedroom, and crawl into the comfort of my bed. Yet here I am, enduring a full day.

My state right now?

Currently mesource: sarahseeandersen.tumblr.com

Currently me
source: sarahseeandersen.tumblr.com

Well, are you a quitter, or not?

I know I am.


NB: This is not a post to motivate you. Just perhaps get you thinking.


One thought on “A short post with a lot of questions, but give it a think –

  1. Frequently think of giving up, but it’s not really in my nature. If I got cancer and the quality of my life got too wretched to stand, then yes, but I’ve realized that up to that point I’ll keep swinging.

    I can relate to wanting to stay in bed; I go through that most mornings. Odd thing for me is, once I’m up I seem to have some weird aversion to returning to bed… I stay up way too late way too often.

    A important difference to make in ones life: being depressed is natural, and happens to just about everyone. Suffering from depression is an actual illness that requires treatment. My life has enough negative elements (and lacks much in the way of emotional support systems), so I get depressed fairly frequently. But it is just a passing thing, and my normal mood doesn’t reflect it. That’s the difference. (I don’t know you or your circumstances, so this is just a general bit of info for whatever it’s worth.)

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