I haven’t written in a while, but this does not mean that I haven’t had anything to write about. Mid-February my life really picked up in some of the best senses. I found myself with a new best friend, two different guys to have my pick of with dating, and all the freedom I could ever ask for. 

However, this also meant I fell far behind with work. I had been looking for this opportunity. An escape from day to day life, just for me to be able to forget all of my troubles. This went on for about a week. I dated two guys and spent every other minute with my best friend. The week came to an end. The work had piled up. The deadline arrived. And I still felt no need to work. So I pulled through that weekend all-nighter at a time, getting as much as I could done. 

And guess what? I actually had the most amazing week to follow, too! So I guess it was fortunate. However, in the week to follow that one, I fell ill. I missed several… examinations of sorts. So now the work has piled up again, I haven’t seen anyone in a week, and I’m practically cringing at the thought of all the work I have to get done. 

So when times get pretty harsh work-wise, how do you cope? I work better under pressure, no doubt about it. But you can’t always afford to do that. 


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